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Book Reviews

  • "I read this book in 3 nights, but I will refer back to it (and the SSM proven concepts) for a long time to come. They cover every aspect, including Prospecting, Fit Assessments, Proposals, Relative Value, etc. The most successful sales professionals of tomorrow (upper 26%) will be using this methodology. Not only instructional on breaking down exactly what DOES work in today's fast paced world; also reveals why some of the old "tried and true" past sales processes simply don't work anymore. Times have changed, it's no longer all about "the customer relationship" or "low price". Worldleaders steers you away from the daily "time wasters", and focuses you more on transforming your staff into a team. After all, like the book says: Nothing Happens Until Something Is Sold!"

  • "This book is one of the best sales books I have read. My background is not in sales, but as the COO of a Translation services company I had to learn about sales strategy and process to get to the next level. Smart Sales has a very well structured process, and is very up to date with what works in today's fast paced, information filled sales cycles. We now have a structured sales process and a sales organization that is delivering results. The best thing is that the authors responded to my questions when I contacted them. Now we use them for sales training and consulting."

  • "If you are a CEO, COO, CFO or VP of Sales and don't read this book and implement the system and your competitors do you'll be sorry. Based on research, personal experience and statistical analysis this proven system is powerful. It's written for non-academics with straight forward language (no buzzwords) in a logical sequence from prospecting to closing the sale with every member of the team staying on one message. Read it then do it! You'll be happy and your competitors won't!"

  • "This book will help you create better outcomes for your clients. In an age where sales is becoming a "four letter word", this book helps sales teams of all sizes create more value internally and with clients. The chapters on smart prospecting are especially insightful, as this process has been turned on its head in the last 10 years by technology. No tricks or gimmicks, this method can be applied by almost any sales team at any time."

    Amazon Customer
  • "Quick, crisp and statistically validated advice on the latest sales insights in the B2B technology space. My book is dog-eared all over the place. Like the book, get Joe in person as the Smart Sales Institute offers in-depth training on the chief components of this book. Well worth your investment in time."

  • "Very useful and practical guide to technical business-to-business selling. This book confirmed what we are doing well and what we need to improve. The systematic approach provides the framework for auditing our existing team and teaching new staff and partners."

  • "A terrific read. I found this to be very helpful as I adapt to a more complex set of products. The process is so easy to understand, and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get to the next level in sales."

  • "Great book with practical advice. I enjoyed how the author lays out the content in an approachable way, making it easy to take in and apply in my company. I'm usually find that most business/sales books are either pop-style storytelling (David and Goliath by gladwell, good to great by Collins), or academic (the ultimate question, crossing the chasm) but this one stands out in that it's filled with practical lessons that I started applying immediately. Sometimes building a great sales team is about a culture of ongoing learning, and I'm now making this book required reading for any sales rep or manager in my company wishing to accelerate their results."

  • "Full Disclaimer: I have participated in Joe's Workshops and hired him to train my sales team. I consider him a friend and key influencer in my life.

    I picked it up and couldn't put it down. I read it in one sitting and it held true to it's promise of being a guide for improving B-2-B sales results. It's practical and immediately useful. If you haven't been exposed to the World Leaders unique approach, I encourage you to buy this book and learn the techniques.

    You won't be disappointed."

  • "Loved it. Specifically, I liked that it took some best practices from the strategic/consultative selling community and augmented with some very practical and concise methods. Simple yet nuanced. Definitely a helpful tool to help guide the strategic selling process and increase close rates."

    S Gibbs
  • "Thumbs up to Joe, Karen and Marty for all the time, effort and research that went into this great read. Eric"

    Amazon Customer
  • "Sales strategy and execution presented in a clear, direct and logical manner. Totally reflects the buying process and the requirements to create profitable sales success."

  • "The best sales process and teaching book that exists today. take the classes and your team will be superstars"

    Amazon Customer
  • "Amazing approach to sales method. Belongs up there with the best sales books of all time."


A step- by- step approach for B2B technology sales improvement.

This website is for CEO's and sales leaders of B2B technology companies who are determined to improve their sales teams.

You have great products/services. You have loyal clients realizing tangible success with your offerings. But you're are still not seeing the sales growth that you know the company deserves.

This site is dedicated to you.

You will find fact-based information on sales training and sales team recruiting services specifically for B2B technology companies that sell complex offerings within a highly competitive environment.

Knowledge Center is a collection of carefully selected videos, blog posts, webcasts/podcasts and other resources that we have built for the specific purpose of educating CEO’s and Sales Leaders on how to improve sales results.

The Sales Assessments tab describes the industry's most accurate sales force evaluation tool for determining the strengths and liabilities of all your client-facing team members. You will finally get the answers to:

  • How much better can we be?
  • Are we targeting the right customers? Are we articulating the right sales messages? Are we utilizing the right sales methods?
  • Does our sales team possess the required skills for generating more pipeline, developing strong business cases, leading compelling presentations and closing more sales?
  • Do we have the right salespeople aligned to right positions? Do we need to change our hiring model?
  • Ultimately, what are the prioritized next steps for sales improvement?

Sales Process overviews a client collaboration methodology for increasing pipeline, co-developing business cases (the business reason why they need to do this now), constructing compelling proposals (why they should buy from you instead of your competitor) and closing sales. This methodology is empirically grounded, tested in practice and shown to be highly effective in B2B technology sales.

Sales Recruiting describes an approach to sales team recruiting as needed to gain access to the proven sales performers within your industry of location. You will learn how to quickly fill unfilled positions and to systemically replace untrainable salespeople with top talent.

Sales Training outlines the four sales skills development classes for enabling you and your sales team to win more of your fair share of the business. Classes include Advanced B2B Consultative Selling for better differentiating your offerings, gaining access to the right level decision makers, developing a compelling business case and closing sales effectively. Account Penetration for cross-selling and upselling within key accounts, Lead Generation for developing a bigger and more qualified pipeline and Presenting & Closing for increasing win probability while reducing sales cycle time.

Leadership Development describes a professionally facilitated sales advisory peer group for CEO's and Sales Leaders who meet monthly as needed to focus on continuous sales improvement and the adoption of new concepts and methods.

Let's get on the path of exponential year-over-year sales growth so that you can win your fair share.

We will be with you every step of the way. Just call or email us.

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