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Leadership Development

How do you continuously improve your sales results?

Sales Leadership Development happens in Worldteam meetings. The group meets monthly to focus on continuous sales improvement and the adoption of new concepts and methods.

Who is this for?

Worldteam is a professionally facilitated advisory group of CEO’s and Sales Leaders dedicated to improving their sales results. The approach is to focus on strategies, tactics and skills for recruiting top sales talent and developing your sales team implementing statistically proven approaches to hiring, coaching, motivating and holding accountability. Each month your sales leadership team (CEO’s and Sales Leaders) will develop action plans to:

  • Immediately improve sales results personally and within your organization.
  • Implement a scalable sales architecture (strategy, structure, and staff) that will enable year-over-year sales growth of 25% or more.
  • Continuously research, evaluate, and implement highest probability concepts and processes to achieve and maintain market dominance in your perspective marketplaces.
  • Provide collective support for each team member's challenges, obstacles, and goals.

When do we get together?

Worldteam meets on the first Friday of every month in professionally facilitated team sessions from 8am until noon.

What will you do at Worldteam?

We start off the first hour with everyone providing a short check in describing their progress meeting commitments from the prior meeting and the outcome of those actions.

The second hour is the introduction of new concepts specific to implementing highest probability concepts and techniques in areas of sales leadership driving your sales growth. This includes an update of the latest research on sales concepts that involve better differentiating your products and services, developing more pipeline, closing more sales and expanding key accounts.

The third hour of the session is focused on interactive learning and can include working through team member issues, reviewing SMART Proposals or a guest speaker on a relevant topic.

At the conclusion of each session during a formal check out commitments for improvement over the next month are discussed and captured. All Issues are tracked and addressed in the following monthly check in.

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