Sales Assessment

Sales AssessmentWhy Evaluate Your Salesforce?

We believe that you should evaluate your sales team using a reliable benchmark, before sales team development or recruiting efforts are taken.

We chose the Objective Management Groups (OMG) Sales Effectiveness & Improvement Analysis tool because of its 96% predictive accuracy in more than 11,000 companies and on 1,000,000 salespeople over the past 30 years.

The approach is very simple. Your sales person or team takes an online evaluation lasting approximately one hour in duration, and they are asked a unique set of questions about how they approach and react in lead generation, consultative selling, business case development, presenting and closing situations. Their answers are compared to the methods, skills and beliefs of the top 6% of sales executives within the B2B technology sales industry. The relative difference between them becomes the aspirational benchmark for sales improvement.

We look at your strategy, sales methods and people and determine whether your sales team can meet your expectations and belong in the roles they are in. You'll learn which of your existing salespeople could be performing two, three or even four times better. You'll discover what you must do to help those people achieve their potential. You'll also understand which of them won't perform any better than they do right now and why. You will understand who is trainable and who is not.

Sample Evaluation Findings:
Sales Management Evaluation
Sales Management Evaluation Findings

Sample Sales Team Findings:
Sales Evaluation
Sales Evaluation Findings

Evaluating Sales Team Candidates

Statistically, you can eliminate 96% of the mistakes made when hiring salespeople and sales managers. You won’t have to wait six months to determine whether your next candidate will succeed in your business. The OMG Sales Candidate, Sales Management Candidate, and VP Sales Candidate Assessments provide easy, instant access to accurate and insightful results. You are emailed the results as soon as the candidates complete the questions. That compelling information is available before the next interview.

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