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Sales ProcessMethodology Comes First

Teams that utilize an effective sales methodology can achieve up to 74% more sales results.

When you observe your sales team in action, do you see them teaching your clients how to improve their competitive business advantage?

Are your sales representatives being subjected to your client's evaluation process or are they leading it as they should?

Do they work with your clients to co-develop a complete and accurate business case that justifies budget allocation?

When you review proposals, do you see a compelling business case describing why the client should buy now and why they should buy from you instead of your competitor?

What closing approaches are being used? Are presentations occurring? Do they ask for the sale every time?

Last question, how much more sales would happen if the entire sales team (marketing, inside sales, sales, sales engineering, customer service and sales management) utilized a step by step methodology for increasing pipeline and closing more sales?

The answer to the last question is 74%.

It’s All About The Business Case

Research shows us that most sales teams aren't using the most efficient methods to secure and grow sales.

So what are they doing instead?

In many cases, they’re taking a “relationship” approach. They drop by with donuts. They smile. They want to be your pal.

In some cases, they go for a battering-ram approach. They call, and call, and call whomever they can reach. Over and over and over. And if someone finally agrees to see them, they say – over and over and over – that their product is the best, and their company is too.

But the truth is, businesses buy because they believe that what they buy will give them a competitive advantage.

They buy because they have an unimpeachable reason to believe their purchase will increase revenues, or cut costs, or reduce cycle time – that it will make the company measurably stronger.

Isn’t that true? Put yourself in the shoes of someone making a critical purchasing decision for your company.

Are you going to commit significant company funds – and risk your position in the company – because the salesman is "really friendly"? Or because you're looking at a bulletproof case that making that purchase will boost the company's bottom line and its market position? And your own.

At the heart of the most statistically supported sales methodology known is a formula:


What that formula means is that the relative value of a solution to a customer is described by the business return it provides the buyer.

That description addresses how any acquisition risk (contractual, performance, reliability and delivery, and so on) is mitigated.

And pricing is the fair market price.

The Relative Value formula is at the heart of a methodology that keeps the conversation, the assessment, and the customer focused on the business advantages that truly drive sales.

The name of that methodology is the Smart Sales Method.

The Smart Sales Method

The Smart Sales Method is a concise description of the step-by-step activities needed to generate more sales, and more profitable sales.

It’s rooted in decades of assessments and accumulated data from over 700,000 sales studies done by objective third-party sources analyzing effective sales techniques and sales success.

The Smart Sales Method has been tailored specifically for the technology industry to drive B2B technology sales.

Its developers – Worldleaders Inc CEO, speaker and sales trainer Joe Morone, Worldleaders Partner and Outsourced Sales Recruiting Leader Karen Benjamin, and Worldleaders General Manager Marty Smith – describe the process in their book, The Smart Sales Method.

Clients who have not just read but implemented the process have seen growth in sales soar as high as 100% -- and beyond.

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