Sales Training Testimonials

Advanced B2B Consultative Selling Class:

  • "Joe (instructor) has a mastery in the materials he presented. He backed everything up with compelling examples. The SEL model resonated with me the most as my first approach is often the logical argument which gets nowhere. The class and the material will provide me with a framework to practice and master my presenting and closing skills."

    Don E.
  • "By far the most informative, forward thinking outlook regarding sales process B2B. Here’s the areas of the training that resonated with me the most: Fit Assessment, Relative Value Model, Selling the ‘best fit’, consultative selling and creating proposals vs. quoting price. This class has given me new tools to use. I role playing was excellent. I’d give the instructor an ‘Outstanding’ rating."

  • "I now understand the difference between the top 6% of sales performers and the bottom 96%. Taking this class will help me understand how to evaluate who to right decision makers are and what questions need to be asked of them to determine if my company has the right fit. Facility, Food and refreshments were very good."

  • "Great atmosphere, SEL Model resonated with me the most, would have liked to spent more time on finding the right contacts and creating the right message."

    Chris F.
  • "As a sales manager, the resonating point for me was understanding how our individual sales folks reacted and participated in this session. The class will improve my awareness of areas I can improve on even as a sales veteran."

    Marty E.
  • "Joe (instructor) kept the class interesting and interactive. The 5x1 process resonated with me the most. I feel that I now know how to make sure my account management team and I are working with the client ‘buy team’."

    Tim A. – Sales Engineer
  • "The relative value equation resonated with me the most. My improvement post class will be in looking at my opportunities with closing in mind and the end goal. I look forward to the next 3 classes. In general, the class is just a great approach to sales and the skills required and professional sales."

  • "Instructor demonstrated an excellent demeanor, information and mix of experience & knowledge. The part that resonated the most for me was the 5x1 and the Fit Assessment. Both will immediately be infused into my daily routine. Excellent on all accounts, the 10 hours went very quickly."

    Ryan S.