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Joe Morone

Initiating Sales Improvement

We work with innovative CEOs and sales leaders of B2B technology sales organizations to implement three key functions for winning more sales and outperforming competitors:

1. Sales process/methodology: The client collaboration method for generating leads, developing the business case, constructing proposals, and presenting and closing sales. When fully implemented, sales improvement is up to 77%.

2. Recruiting top sales talent: Finding, assessing, attracting, and hiring the top 26% sales performers within your industry.

3. Sales skill development: The skills required to sell complex technology offerings to multiple decision makers within today’s competitive marketplace.

You have the right technology and know-how; our job is to help you improve or scale up your sales capability to win your fair share of the market.

We understand that for you, your organization, and your sales team, that nothing happens until something is sold. And we will be with you every step of the way.

I plan to implement what I learned here today. Definitely.
I really enjoyed it. I think it’s one of the best conferences I’ve been to… I would definitely recommend people to come…
It was great. Joe does a really nice job presenting very topical information in terms of what we need to be thinking about in order to grow our businesses.
Everyone needs to be in sales… It would be amazing to bring your whole team.
The Smart Sales Method? I’ve tried it, I’ve used it, I’ve liked it, I’ve been successful with it. It’s smart. It works.

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Sales Consulting: Who We Are

We are the B2B technology sales industries highest revenue producing sales representatives – sales managers, vice-presidents of sales, corporate presidents, and board advisors.

We are statistically the most proficient sales recruiters within the B2B technology industry.

Together, we authored the Amazon Five Star rated book, The Smart Sales Method: The CEO’s Guide to Improving Sales Results for B2B Technology Sales Teams.

We have a 25-year span of continuous sales growth in B2B technology sales.

More importantly, we are relentless researchers. We have logged to date more than 112,000 hours of research on what actually works for B2B sales improvement and what doesn’t. The facts instead of assumptions. What is working in today’s environment and what is no longer valid. You have to get sales improvement right, and sooner rather than later.

What Have We Found Concerning Sales Improvement?

Contrary to what most sales reps claim, it’s not “all about the relationship, product superiority, lowest price, or a numbers game.”

The top performing sales teams teach their clients how to improve their business results through the implementation of your technologies. They know how to lead the client through the entire evaluation process (with all client decision-makers).

And ultimately, they are skilled in closing the sale by developing and articulating a best-fit technical solution which enables the client to make more money, improve first-time quality, meet compliance requirements, and increase profitability.

Sales Improvement: How We Begin

What are the prioritized steps for sales improvement? First, you need to objectively analyze the effectiveness of your sales team.

The Sales Assessment is the industry’s most accurate sales force evaluation tool for determining the strengths and liabilities of all your client-facing team members. This step can be completed in as little as 1 hour for each sales representative or 1-2 weeks if we evaluate your entire sales ecosystem (methods, management practices, tools, and sales skills). You will finally get the answers to:

  • How can your sales team be more effective?
  • Are you targeting the right customers? Are you articulating the right sales messages? Are you using the right sales methods?
  • Does your sales team possess the required skills for generating more pipeline, developing strong business cases, leading compelling presentations, and closing more sales?
  • Do you have the right salespeople aligned to the best positions based on their skill strengths? Do you need to change your hiring model?

Would you like to see a sample findings report?

Salesperson: Sales Evaluation Findings

Sales Team: Sales Management Evaluation Findings

Upon completion of a sales assessment, we construct a prioritized salesperson or sales team development plan for improving sales methods, hiring top performing sales team members, or training your sales team in the specific areas required for achieving your sales objectives.

The Sales Process overviews a collaboration methodology between the sales team and the client to increase pipeline, co-develop a business case, construct compelling proposals, and close more sales. This methodology is empirically grounded, tested in practice, and shown to be highly effective in B2B technology sales teams.

In many occurrences, we identify opportunities for immediate sales performance improvement by implementing or improving your sales methodology. By improving your methods, all collaboration between your sales team and your clients will be managed through one set of proven principles.

Sales methodology for Improving Sales

Our sales methodology is called The Smart Sales Method. No other B2B sales method is more empirically grounded, more tested in practice or shown to be more effective. This step typically requires 30 days for full implementation and improves sales results between 32% – 74%. If you have a capable, fully staffed sales team in place this could be enough to enable you to achieve or exceed your sales goals.

Sales Recruiting enables you to outfit your sales team with proven sales performers within your industry of location. You will learn how to quickly fill unfilled positions and to systematically replace untrainable salespeople with top talent.

If you have unfilled positions or untrainable team members, we will engage our sales recruiting team to get the right players into the right seats as a second step. This phase is usually completed within 30-60 days.

Sales Training outlines the four sales skills development classes for enabling you and your sales team to win more of your fair share of the business. For all trainable and coachable sales team members (marketing, inbound sales, inside sales, consultative sales, sales engineering, and sales management), we provide sales certifications classes in the following areas:

  • Advanced B2B Consultative Selling for better differentiating your offerings, gaining access to the right level decision makers, developing a compelling business case and closing sales effectively.
  • Account Penetration for cross-selling and upselling within key accounts
  • Lead Generation for developing a bigger and more qualified pipeline
  • Presenting & Closing for increasing win probability while reducing sales cycle time.

You can engage us through the entire sales improvement program or select components based on your needs, in-house expertise, and budget parameters.

Leadership Development describes a professionally facilitated sales advisory peer group for CEOs and sales leaders who meet monthly as needed to focus on continuous sales improvement and the adoption of new concepts and methods.

Let’s get on the path of exponential year-over-year sales growth so that you can win your fair share.

We will be with you every step of the way. Just call or email us.

Meet Our Team

Joe Morone is the co-founder and B2B technology sales researcher & strategist for Worldleaders Inc. He is the lead sales trainer of the Smart Sales Institute for B2B Technology Sales, co-author of the five-star rated book, The Smart Sales Method for B2B Technology Sales Teams and an international B2B Technology Sales Speaker.

His guidance in implementing the right sales strategy and sales methods and developing sales skills has helped thousands of sales representatives and more than 120 B2B technology firms better differentiate, win more sales, and realize new growth.

As co-founder and co-owner of Worldleaders, Karen’s passion is working with CEOs and sales leaders, assisting them to improve sales performance and grow their companies. This includes sales assessment and outsourced sales recruiting.

Karen leads Worldleaders Inc.’s outsourced sales recruiting practice, a service designed to ensure that Worldleaders clients have a consistent pipeline of top performing sales talent, allowing them to hire the top 25% of all sales performers consistently, objectively, cost-effectively, and quickly.

Marty Smith, Worldleaders

Marty Smith - Account Manager

As Worldleaders general manager, Marty Smith assists in program development and operational leadership.

His specialties: ‘Best In Class’ sales process development and implementation, sales personnel recruiting, organizational sales process assessment, sales personnel training and coaching of sales and operational executives.

Marty is a former business executive in the IT industry. He has crafted numerous successful sales and recruiting strategies for complex technology selling and staffing scenarios, assisting many companies in reaching new levels of sales and profit achievement.

carissa gagliardi. worldleaders

Carissa Gagliardi - Outsourced Recruiting Manager

Carissa Gagliardi is an outsourced recruiting manager at Worldleaders, responsible for identifying, engaging, and evaluating top sales talent. She works with sales professionals to align career advancement opportunities, assess qualification and support long-term professional growth, while concurrently partnering with CEOs and sales leaders to evaluate their sales teams, plan team growth, and upgrade top sales talent.

Her process starts with recognizing the opportunity to improve a client-collaborating team, identifying under-performing employees, untrainable members, or unfilled sales positions. Filling those roles with top performing candidates is the next step, but not before developing job descriptions and compensation models in alignment with company goals and statistically valid measurable results. This allows Carissa to give customers valuable market insight—hands-on market research on the company’s competitiveness through interviewing professionals in their industry and geography. Carissa’s quarterly management of existing accounts, reviewing quality of services and discussing future initiatives, allows her to maintain long-term successful client relationships.

Internally, Carissa has led the Worldleaders team in company culture integration, and is passionate about process improvement work. A graduate of the State University of New York at Geneseo, Carissa has a B.A. in Communication. Her engagement with candidates, clients and internal team is driven by a common core belief in raising the standard for integrity within the sales profession while supporting the pursuit of prosperity.

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