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Joe Morone

5 Keys to Successful Sales Coaching

sales coaching

Even the most effective salespeople may not be performing to their fullest capabilities, which could impact your ability to convert leads and your sales goals. Sales coaching has the potential to get your sales team to take their performance to the next level. Not all coaching is the same. When looking for a coach for…

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5 Essential Selling Skills for B2B

selling skills

According to the Objective Management Group, “74% of all sales people have less than 20% of the skills required to sell competitively in today’s B2B marketplace.” Why don’t more salespeople have the selling skills needed to close more deals? We’d like to propose that it’s because they’re focusing on the wrong selling skills. They know…

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Why Invest in Sales Management Training?

sales management training

Why is sales training so hard? In most cases, you’re asking your salesforce to completely change how they sell. For some, that goes against their very DNA. Un-learning sales tactics that don’t work anymore is far more challenging than starting with a blank slate. Even starting out green is no piece of cake. But sales…

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How to Improve Sales Management Training

sales management training

In many organizations, the top-performing sales rep is promoted to sales manager. Everyone assumes he or she will be able to teach the sales team how to sell just as effectively. And the new sales manager often assumes the same – the sales reps will observe his or her selling tactics, replicate the method, reach…

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Is My Team Selling Consultatively?

consultative selling

The Objective Management Group (OMG) leads the sales industry in sales evaluations and candidacy screening. Their test results have determined that only 35% of salespeople among almost 1 million are strong in consultative skills. On average, most salespeople have only 50% of the skills required to be able to sell consultatively. More → How to…

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How to Overcome the Controversy Between Sales and Procurement

sales training

Historically, Sales and Procurement have always been at odds. Tensions can rise on the principle of value recognition – Sales thinks Procurement cares only about price, and Procurement at lower level believes Sales cares only about closing the deal, regardless if it’s a competitive move for the company or not. Procurement sees Sales trying to…

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Sales Coaching for B2B Sales Team Improvement

sales coaching

What is sales coaching and why is it important? Sales coaching is the guidance a sales leader or peer provides to a salesperson in three main capacities: Pre-call sales planning: Before the customer meeting, the coach helps the sales representative develop the business objectives, materials, and prepare for the call. On-call support: The coach guides…

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Sales Training: Doing The Unthinkable…Selling to Procurement

sales training procurement

For many years, we at Worldleaders focused our sales training on first selling to the business-level decision-maker for improved B2B technology sales results. That is the essence of Smart Selling – business-to-business conversations with business-level decision-makers. How Procurement Has Changed However, procurement organizations have dramatically changed within the last five years. They are becoming more…

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Sales Courses to Train Your Sales Team

sales courses

As a CEO or Sales Leader, you must be on target with your organization’s sales goals. You should have a clear plan in place to either grow your business or defend your market share. A plan allows you to measure whether you are winning your fair share of business or not. If you do not…

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I plan to implement what I learned here today. Definitely.
I really enjoyed it. I think it’s one of the best conferences I’ve been to… I would definitely recommend people to come…
It was great. Joe does a really nice job presenting very topical information in terms of what we need to be thinking about in order to grow our businesses.
Everyone needs to be in sales… It would be amazing to bring your whole team.
The Smart Sales Method? I’ve tried it, I’ve used it, I’ve liked it, I’ve been successful with it. It’s smart. It works.

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