In many organizations, the top-performing sales rep is promoted to sales manager. Everyone assumes he or she will be able to teach the sales team how to sell just as effectively. And the new sales manager often assumes the same – the sales reps will observe his or her selling tactics, replicate the method, reach their sales quota, and everyone will win.

But unfortunately, many sales managers either aren’t trained in sales managing, or they have incorrect training. They’re taught how to sell instead of how to manage. The sales manager already knows how to sell – otherwise, he wouldn’t be a manager. Sales training is much more involved than saying, “Watch me, sell how I sell, and you’ll be great.”

What Makes Sales Management Training Effective?

The best way to measure if your sales management training is effective is when you can see an increase in the number of sales reps who can close more sales and meet their quota.

Sales management training is effective when the topics relate specifically to sales. Even some sales management training programs touch on topics such as coaching, leadership, and culture that don’t always relate to sales management. When it comes to management training, we’re not talking about state compliance and legal issues – that’s for the HR department.

If your organization allocated more budget (and effort) on training your sales managers than on your sales reps, you would see a far greater impact on your bottom line. When sales managers are effectively trained, they can help approximately 18% of their sales reps to reach their annual or quarterly sales quota.

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Topics for Sales Management Training

Now that you’ve seen why your sales managers need specific training, which training topics impact sales results?

There’s a strange reversal in the popularity versus the impact of training topics geared toward sales managers. The more popular training topics don’t offer significant sales improvement, but the less popular topics seem to be more effective.

The following 4 topics rate among the lowest in terms of popularity, but have statistically earned the best sales results. They relate only to a sales manager’s position, not a sales rep’s. You’ll notice they’re not innate strengths – they need to be taught.

Assessing Sales Performance

Sales managers are responsible for keeping track of what’s working and what’s not. Which Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are getting the best sales results? What factors correlate with non-producing KPIs and what can be done to remedy the situation?

Pipeline Management

Sales managers need training to know how to help sales reps gain a healthy number of qualified leads and how to carry those leads through the sales process.

Sales Forecasting

Although a healthy pipeline by definition leads to better sales predictions, sales managers still need to be taught how to accurately predict sales results. Sales management training can greatly improve their ability to forecast.

Planning & Analysis

The sales manager is trained to connect the reps’ quota to KPIs and create a strategic process that’s most likely to offer the desired results.

These 4 topics correlate to each other; a sales manager can’t fully understand the topics if they aren’t taught simultaneously, overlapping, and in sync with the others. In order to lead the sales team, the sales manager must have a firm grasp on these four topics.

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