A sales assessment examines the skillset of a sales team before they are hired to see if they have what it takes to increase sales for your B2B company. Before you spend any effort on sales training, hiring, and recruiting, you first need to assess the baseline talent of the person you’re hiring.

Think about this – there are 1.8 million B2B sales reps in the US, and 900,000 unfilled positions. There is a 33% shortage of sales people. In addition, 74% of the assessed sales reps have less than 20% of the skills necessary to meet their sales quota in 2017 and beyond. Where’s the sales talent?

Only when you have an accurate baseline for your sales reps can you determine the most logical next steps for sales development training.

A Sales Assessment is Not a Personality Test

When CEOs and sales leaders think sales assessment, they often think DISC, Myers-Briggs, Chally, Chandler, etc. Does it surprise you to learn that personality tests are actually counterproductive when applied to sales capability? There is no documented proof that they translate to sales performance at all.

The Objective Management Group Online Evaluation

The Objective Management Group (OMG) Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis tool is the most credible assessment tool for sales. During this online evaluation, the sales person answers questions for specific selling situations, including prospecting, consultative selling, objection management, presenting and closing. His or her score is compared to the top 6% of sales executives in the B2B technology sales industry who are winning 80% of the revenue. Any weaknesses are identified and flagged for development opportunities.

4 Essential Selling Skills to Increase Sales Results

We’re going to look at 4 key selling strengths that are typically not addressed in other sales assessments, but are essential if you want to improve sales results for your B2B technology company.

If you hire salespeople based on gut feel, you’re going to miss these 4 essential selling abilities. Statistics tell us that hiring managers make the right hiring decision only 25% of the time because they hire in their likeness.  

  • Need for Approval

The need for approval is one of the most damaging traits in B2B sales. The salesperson has a high need to be liked, even loved, by the customer, and that need gets in the way of teaching a customer how to change what they are currently doing in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

Consultative selling requires the salesperson to ask hard questions, challenge conventional thinking, and occasionally push back at the customer. A high need for approval gets in the way.  

  • Emotional Control

Untrained sales reps may lose control of their emotions during high-stress situations and resort to one of the four Fs:

  • Fight: argue with the customer

  • Flight: bail out of the sale too early

  • Freeze: fail to engage when meeting resistance

  • Facade: lie about their capabilities

Consultative selling requires the salesperson to respond to any situation with empathy, calmness, and unshakeable professionalism.

  • Support the Buy Cycle

The OMG sales assessment reveals if a sales rep has the ability to timebox the entire buy cycle. In most cases, the buying cycle is drawn out because of the customer’s lack of organization – they don’t know what they’re buying, how they’re buying, or what they’re paying for. The salesperson, not the customer, is responsible for organizing and facilitating the buying process.

Does your sales rep have the project management skills necessary to control the buying process? A sales assessment will help you find out.  

  • Handle Rejection

Rejection can be the silent killer, but the best salespeople never over analyze rejection. They may hear disappointing no’s, but they move on to the next sale with high expectations. They realize that if they didn’t win a sale, it’s because they didn’t create a strong business case. They analyzed the data, they reviewed the business case, they considered their risk mitigation plan, and they offered a fair market price. If in the end the business case wasn’t strong enough, they realize it was a technical mistake and they don’t have to feel rejected personally.

Are You Interested in a Free Sample Sales Assessment?  

If a sales assessment is interesting or important to you, we’d be happy to discuss it further to see if it’s the right fit for your organization. If you’d like to have one of your sales representatives take a sample of the sales assessment for free, contact Joe Morone and he’ll contact you within 74 hours to coordinate your free evaluation. This free sample of the OMG’s assessment tool can be completed and returned within 24 hours.

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