As a CEO or Sales Leader, you must be on target with your organization’s sales goals. You should have a clear plan in place to either grow your business or defend your market share. A plan allows you to measure whether you are winning your fair share of business or not. If you do not have a plan in place, stop reading now and go create one!

If you do have a plan and a sales goal, then keep reading…

It is entirely possible that you are not meeting your goal. You have determined it is not your products or services. You know your business has what it takes to offer your clients/customers measurable results that can lead to great success in their respective industry. Yet you’re not seeing the revenue that you know your company deserves.

So What’s the Problem?

Think about your sales team. Their main job is to close sales, which ultimately results in an increase in revenue for your company. Your sales team is not achieving top line revenue for sales, and you can’t pinpoint why.

You make assumptions about your current sales team being “bad” or “good,” but you may not understand what determines this qualitative statement. As the CEO or Sales Leader, you are likely the best sales person in your organization, but you don’t have time to win each new customer yourself.

What’s going wrong with your sales team? Why can’t they just SELL?

Where’s the Sales Talent?

You’re not alone. Statistically, there are 1.8 million B2B technology sales people in the US, with over 900,000 unfilled sales positions. So there’s a shortage of sales talent across the nation.

The average skillset of sales teams is less than 20% of the skills required to close a sale. Turnover for most sales people is 1.4 years.

But don’t take our word for it. And don’t trust your gut; statistics tell us even hiring managers make the wrong decision 75% of the time.

To prove our point, you can have your current sales team take a sales assessment that compares their present skillset to the top 6% of sales executives within the B2B technology sales industry. This online evaluation includes a unique set of questions about each salesperson’s approach to:

  • Lead generation
  • Consultative selling
  • Business case development
  • Presenting and closing a sale

The difference between your team’s score and the top 6% of sales executives provides a benchmark for improvement your sales team can aspire to accomplish.

Take the Assessment Now!

Once the assessment is complete, you will have a concrete understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your salespeople. You will know what differentiates the “good” salespeople from the “bad.”

Sales Courses: Train Your Team

Have you ever considered sales courses? Sales courses enable your sales team to:

  • Differentiate your offering from the top five competitors
  • Develop enough pipeline to meet each salesperson’s annual quota
  • Effectively close more sales, increasing company revenue and cash flow
  • Expand current accounts, exponentially increasing company revenue

Through our sales courses, your sales team will learn how to refine their sales strategy and method. Sales teams that use an effective sales methodology can achieve up to 74% more results.

Most current salespeople have the ability to perform two, three, or four times better than they are, but they don’t know how because they haven’t been effectively trained. Sales courses enable your sales team to reach their full potential in driving sales to increase company revenue.

The 4 sales courses we recommend are:

  • Advanced B2B Consultative Selling
  • Account Penetration
  • Lead Generation
  • Presenting & Closing

The Worldleaders Smart Sales Institute is designed for CEOs and Sales Leaders of B2B technology companies to improve sales teams by increasing their skills and enabling sales growth, which ultimately drives revenue to maintain your company’s competitive edge. If this is interesting or important to you, contact Joe Morone.