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SALES Recruiting

What is Contracted Sales Recruiting?

Nothing happens until something is sold. And nothing is sold until you have the right sales team in place.

The objective of contracting a dedicated sales recruiter from our team is to:

  • Gain access to proven sales talent within your competitive marketplace.
  • Immediately fill unfilled positions, such as marketing/inbound sales, inside sales, sales executives/outside sales, sales engineering, account management, customer service, sales management, sales operations management, third party sales representatives, etc.
  • Continuously replace untrainable/uncoachable salespeople with top talent.

When sales recruiting is done effectively, your company will outsell your competitors, improve cash flow, and earn more profit than ever before.

Why Is Sales Recruiting Necessary?

There are 1.8 million full-time salespeople in the United States and there are currently over 900,000 unfilled sales positions. This tells us that there is a 33% shortage of sales talent. It is evident why sales positions are the second-most difficult position to fill in the country, third in the world.

To make matters worse, with the positions that are filled, 74% of the salespeople assessed have less than 20% of the skills required to sell competitively. The top 26% of the salespeople assessed have between 56% and 90% of the skills required to add additional revenue to your organization.

Reflect on that for a minute. There’s a huge shortage of B2B technology sales professionals and a lack of the skills needed to compete effectively in your marketplace.

That’s why innovative companies outsource sales recruiting.

Finding the Right Salespeople

Because only 26% of the salespeople assessed are capable of adding additional revenue to your organization, identifying and adding these salespeople to your team has become necessary to your survival.

Some hiring managers will quickly plug in any salesperson to a new or existing territory, but statistics show this is a huge mistake. 87% of a company’s revenue is generated by the top 13% of the company’s sales team. This tells us that in order to make a profitable investment for your organization, you must hire capable sales talent.

Why use Worldleaders?

Worldleaders Contracted Sales Recruiting is a full-time dedicated recruiting service that takes on any or all functions of your sales recruiting process for the duration of time your recruiting needs require. We benchmark your team against the top competitors in your marketplace, eliminate your worst performers, and replace them with capable salespeople.

When you conduct a hire using your internal team, you’re relying on their expertise to make the correct decision. Yet it’s been statistically proven that hiring managers make the incorrect decision 75% of the time.

Why? Their decisions are subjective. They begin their hiring process by eliminating candidates based on qualities shared by candidates who haven’t worked out in their own previous experience.

The problem with this method? Hiring managers make judgments based on a small piece of data: previous hires and personal experiences. They’re not able to view each trait separately and statistically. During our sales recruiting process, Worldleaders evaluates candidate qualities based on the entire sales population to draw conclusions on what works and what doesn’t.

View a Quick Overview of our Recruiting Process

Offerings for Sales Recruiting Services

Service Objective
Establish or Validate Job Description(s) for Recruiting and Performance Management

Download Job Description Template

Worldleaders will provide or validate job descriptions to ensure that performance requirements are measurable, achievable, and available for recruiting within the targeted marketplace and client’s compensation parameters.
Evaluate Client Provided Candidates

Free Assessment Dashboard

Worldleaders will evaluate client’s provided sales candidates for sales skills (using our 96% predictive analytic sales assessment tool), experience, and accomplishments.
Proactive Recruiting (Headhunting)

  1. Provide Worldleaders Database Candidates
  2. Proactively Recruit Candidates Specific to Your Job Spec.
  3. Provide High Potential Trainees
Worldleaders will proactively target, identify, interview, and present qualified sales professionals using the Worldleaders Database, the industry’s #1 search tool, the industry’s #1 predictive analytic sales assessment tool, and the industry’s most effective recruiting methodology. This search will be conducted within your targeted industry for qualified sales professionals based on your requirements for skills (sales capability), experience (number of years working in your targeted industry), and accomplishments (measurable sales results).
3rd Party Sales Team Recruiting (Channel Sales)

Quick Overview of Indirect Model

Worldleaders will recruit 3rd party channel partners including representatives, principals, distributors, and VARs.
Acceptance/Counter Offer Guidance

Free Advice – Stop Counter Offers

Worldleaders will provide guidance on offer development and offer presentation to minimize counter-offer negotiations.
Reference Checking

3 Minute Reference Template

Worldleaders will provide reference checking upon request. This could include customer, management, and peer references.
Skill Gap Closure

Contact Karen Benjamin:
Call Karen or E-mail Karen

Worldleaders will provide sales training for closing skill gaps of all candidates and the client’s sales team members.

  1. Advanced Consultative Selling for B2B Selling Teams
  2. Major Account Penetration (MAP)
  3. Advanced Prospecting (multi-channel prospecting)
  4. Advanced Presentation and Closing

Next Step for Sales Recruiting

If filling your unfilled sales positions and replacing your ineffective salespeople with capable sales talent is important or interesting to you, contact Karen Benjamin.

I plan to implement what I learned here today. Definitely.
I really enjoyed it. I think it’s one of the best conferences I’ve been to… I would definitely recommend people to come…
It was great. Joe does a really nice job presenting very topical information in terms of what we need to be thinking about in order to grow our businesses.
Everyone needs to be in sales… It would be amazing to bring your whole team.
The Smart Sales Method? I’ve tried it, I’ve used it, I’ve liked it, I’ve been successful with it. It’s smart. It works.

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